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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where does the time go?

Another week gone by in haze of footy,karate, swimming, homework, washing, meals,lunches...and so the ride continues. This time of year when I am well into the routine and chaos of family life I feel the Melbourne winter begin to pull me into a state of ...NOOOOO!!!

As you may have guessed not a fan of winter at all. The constant struggle of reminding the kids to keep their school jumpers on (and not to loose them!!) especially on the playground, then knowing they enter warm heated classrooms.Only a matter of time before the colds and flu rear their ugly heads.

The dreary view out of my window of a morning does nothing to bolster my enthusiasm for winter. My husband feels I should hibernate this time of year and you know what he's on to something. Let me rest and revive a pull me out when the buds begin to bloom.A girl can dream can't she...?.

Meanwhile as I attempt to find positives in winter a few of my girl friends are going through major changes and challenges themselves. It got me wondering how unpredictable life can be. My girlfriend M has recently found a buyer for her house but with a few issues that need to be resolved before sale can go ahead. She has spoken alot about the process of selling and buying a house. We are also in the process of getting ready to put our house of 14yrs up for sale..here we go again on that darn old roller coaster..better hold on!

My other friend J, has just found out her hubby lost his job.We spoke about how daunting it can be when children are involved. Before children you have less on your shoulders, especially financially.Having been a one income household for quite a while I understand the pressure and strain.I think J and her hubby will come out alright they have positive attitudes and a very loving relationship.

Change is constant...as the saying goes the only thing we can be sure of is death and taxes.

So it is with this in mind I prepare for my one and only baby girl to turn 6yrs old next week. Really where has the time gone..it seemed like just yesterday I resigned my self to the fact that I was to be the mother to three boys.I will never forget the ultrasound doctor saying yes, you have a girl.My fourth and final pregnancy ushered in the news I dared not even whisper...Yes Mrs Faundez you are having a girl.My long awaited, much anticipated baby girl was finally here.So next week I celebrate the dream I had many many years ago.She is my light and my love.Let the celebration begin...be gone foul winter!!!!!!

I am grateful for a beautiful daughter who brings sunshine to my life.

CindyC xx

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  1. Oh winter, what a season. We're on flood watch at the moment *yay* o_0