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Monday, May 31, 2010

Got up late today after a busy weekend. I finally got on top of 5 baskets of washing.Really struggling to organize the never ending cycle of washing, drying and putting away our clothes. Any ideas to keep ahead of the game would be great.

On to a more fun note..any Twighlight fans out there?? Well I unashamedly put my hand up to that question. What is the attraction of this vampire love story? In an interesting discussion with my boss today this question came up. He is perplexed at the popularity of the story, especially among females.For me it is the pure love story that most girls dream of.The intensity of this love is portrayed so beautifully in the Twiglight books.Who wouldn't want an Edward or Jacob proclaiming their love in such a way that really left me .....breathless.To be fair I am a die hard romantic.I totally and utterly devoured the Twighlight love triangle. I found it difficult to take a side...I am both Team Edward and Team Jacob simply because I love LOve:)

A couple of my girlfriends however tried to burst my rosy outlook on love."Come on Cindy you know that sort of love never really exists.?" They see it as a stereotypical/mythical kind of love.They think I love to live in fairytale land.
Well you are allowed to dream aren't you.What love is differs from person to person, I feel great love for my hubby especially when he does the simplest things for me.I am allowed to have my dream, it's not in any way harmful to myself or my loved ones.What are books/movies for if not to transport us to a place where dreams or hopes may come true. A bit of escapism never hurt any mum, especially when you've been up to your elbows in washing, homework,colds,sibling squabbles......

Back to reality, in preparation for my little girls 6th birthday I'm trying to decide on whether to make her cake or just buy one.What sort of lollies to put in her lolly bags for her classmates? Birthdays are such bitter sweet occasions now.On the one hand it is a joy to see their growth and independence developing but on the other hand my "baby" will never truly be my "baby" any more.I now find it difficult to look at all the baby photos of my children, it leaves such and ache in my heart knowing I will never have that time back, it is truly gone.I know I should be in the "now" and not look back with sadness , but instead be grateful for that time I shared with them. It's one of those roller coaster moments that I just have to ride through.

I am grateful for the time I spent with my babies, I feel very blessed to have experienced being a mother to four beautiful newborns.

CindyC xx


  1. I share your pain with trying to let go of those 'baby' moments. I have put baby pictures of the kids on my computer screen saver all this week because I am missing those moments too. Hard to let go but counting my blessings I still have them around to hug and kiss each day :)

  2. Thank you Cindy for your lovely message. Your baby is 6! WOW! That would be hard. Mine will be 3 in September. *Sob* Talk soon. Love Kelly