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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frisbees,football and fun!


Take 5 kiddies, one ”prepared” mum, lots of activities and what of have you got?? A fun filled, noisy day at home on the school holidays!! I have to admit when I agreed to babysit my niece along with my 4 monsters somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice was saying NOOoooo.....!!!! What could I do with 5 school aged kids on a winters day in Melbourne? Oh and won’t cost alot of money?

             Well here is what I came up with...let me know what you think?
Our first activity was a cheap craft kit from the $2 shop.The girls made flowers    and an angel.
After the craft activity we had a small morning snack of fruit kebabs and a glass of milk. Once they were fuelled up we all headed to the local park for some fun. It certainly burnt off energy and we all got some fresh air which is always a bonus during winter in Melbourne.

                              Park fun, frisbees and footballs!!
                                                 AFL champions in the making??!!
  To round off a great day we headed home for some chill time.We watched Alison in Wonderland and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits. And last but not least I brought out the Wii for some good ol' fun...mum included!

All in all the kids were entertained and I was relatively still sane by the end of the day. In my opinion the key to keeping the kids happy was to find the balance between physical activity, creative activities, console games and of course quiet time a.k.a mums cuppa time.
Would love to hear what other mums have done to keep the kids entertained these holidays?

I am grateful for being able to balance work and family

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  1. sounds like a great day..I agree having balance keeps everyone happy! we had days out and days in over the holidays and some days I felt I was all over the place doing things but we had fun.