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Thursday, June 17, 2010


The inspiration for this post comes from my journey into the world of "The Secret". Like many I found this book and its teachings very beneficial.One of contributors to this book was Dr John Demartini, I have been very lucky to attend seminars given by Dr Demartini.One of the main ideas he talked about was living a life of gratitude - having a attitude of gratitude. He inspired me during a very difficult time in my life and his teachings live with me every day. It is for this reason I feel like I need to share this simple but powerful message.

You probably notice that I end each blog post with a statement of gratitude, this is how I start and end each day. Those days when there "seems" there is nothing to be grateful for are golden opportunities to stop, think and find (no matter how little) something to be grateful for. So I hope the following inspired teachings will give you something to think about, they certainly guided me through a very challenging time in my life. I am a little sorry that I discovered these teachings in my thirties....imagine having this inspiration in my twenties...oh well better late than never!

5 tips on how to show gratitude

1. Say ‘thank you’ - There is no limit to how many times you can thank a person, including yourself, and while it may only be two simple words, their meaning is universal and their effects can be profound.

2. Write a special note - sometimes our best thoughts and ideas are those we do not try to edit, so let the message you write come to you in the moment. There is no need for the words to make sense to anyone else but the person it is intended for.

3.Treat yourself - The greatest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves, and it is wise to take the time to show ourselves that we are grateful for who we are and what we choose to be. How you treat yourself all depends on what you like. For some, there would be nothing better than a treatment at their favorite spa, for others, a new computer would do the trick.

4. Smile - a smile can be contagious if it comes from the heart and often tells a person so much more than what words can say. Giving the gift of a smile can be a great way to show you are grateful.

5. Give a gift that counts - the power of a gift when it comes to being a token of gratitude is ultimately the thought that goes into it. Take the time to really look at who the gift is intended for and what they value most in life. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are. If you get a gift that really speaks to their values, it is likely to be remembered forever.

 The universe bestows its gifts where they are most appreciated. If you’re not grateful for what you’ve been given, why would the universe want to give you more?.

I am truly grateful for the challenges life has given me.

Cindyc xx


  1. Thank you for this post...I have had a tough couple of weeks with the boys, nothing major, just winter colds,lack of sleep, teething etc...I was in a grumpy, fed up mood myself until I read a book called Mothers Need Time Out Too - the book reminded me to be grateful. So now, every time that I have felt a pang of annoyance with the kids, I have taken a deep breath and thought about how thankful I am for each of them...And you know? It works instantly, just like magic and makes all those "irritated" thought go away. Wonderful.

  2. thanks for the reminder...I need to stop and count my blessings more often and be thankful for what I have. I love number 5 - I love giving gifts (and receiving them) and love to put thought into it to surprise the person. Their reaction makes it all worth while. Naomi.

  3. What a great post, thank you. I love the quote about the universe, but it was your comment on being grateful for the challenges that really hit home.