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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The roller coaster continues. Driving to work today I listened to the heartbreaking story of a mum and her two boys who were found dead during the week.I have to guiltily say that prior to all the circumstances being discovered I initially thought oh no not another murder suicide. The radio announcer went on to report that in fact it was not murder but suspected monoxide poisoning due to a faulty appliance. It got me thinking why did I automatically think murder/suicide? It just seems this day in age we are bombarded with news of mothers and fathers who are desperate and resort to dire actions.In the above case my heart goes out to the remaining family because whatever the circumstances the mother and her two boys are dead.Will follow the story and maybe there will be valuable information and lessons we can take from the tragedy.
Thinking about the two precious boys in the above story made me all the more grateful to mark the occasion of my baby girl turning 6 yesterday.How precious is the time we are given with our beautiful children.Miss C felt very special yesterday.When I asked her how does it feel to be 6yrs old she simply replied "the same as 5yrs old."Oh don't I wish it stayed that way.It's so funny as they grow and get older the birthday gifts also change.Miss C absolutely loved Dora the Explorer a couple of years ago, this year it was all about clothes,boots and "learning books".I suppose I have to brace myself when the gifts size gets smaller but the cost increases. Still find it hard to believe my baby girl is 6! She is my light...love you my precious,gorgeous
 girl!!! Mwah x

           Here is my baby girl the story so far..   


The day my baby girl came home a light entered my life.

 Still in awe of finally having a girl.

I blinked and my princess turned 1 !!! 

How I'd waited for moments like these...

Never one to shy away from the camera.

Beach baby, beach baby...Happy Australia Day!!

 Hello school...bye bye Mum!!

Happy 6th Birthday my precious girl!!
And so the story continues...stay tuned.

I am grateful for being able to tuck all my children in bed safe and sound.

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  1. Totally agree, so sad what that poor mother has to go through with the loss of her children. Helps me appreciate mine, moments like those. Love the pictures of your daughter - gorgeous!