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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls night out!
Whooo!! had my monthly girls night out last night.These days my girls night out usually consists of dinner and a movie. Gone are the days of late dinner and  a meet up at the latest club to dance the night away..ahh when did those days end?? Now its out by 7pm and home in bed by 11pm .

Although I thoroughly enjoy meeting up and having a good chat with the girls, at this stage in my life I find the "chat" at times seems repetitive.You see I  married young and had my four children by the age of 30. Most of my girlfriends however got married later and had their children later.So as I finished the stage of late nights, nappies and toddlers they are all just beginning.

My four are all in primary school so my concerns revolve around homework and extra curricula activities.As much as I love hearing about their children and issues it does become a little boring, and I find myself yearning for more stimulating adult conversation.I wonder if other mums encounter this problem...and if they do, how do they approach the situation.Would love to hear any feedback on this issue.

Enough of my complaining. Back to my night out, on a lighter note-we saw the movie 'The Back-Up Plan' (Jennifer Lopez).Basically it is about a 30 something woman who decides she wants a baby and uses a sperm donor to do so.Very soon after falling pregnant she meets a man and falls in love with him.The movie follows their journey as they navigate their way through this unique situation.Of course it had the typical cheesy Hollywood ending, just what you need on a Friday night with girls!.
I enjoyed the movie, light , funny a hysterical trip through love, relationships & motherhood. It got me thinking...would I have gone down the path of sperm donor? I think it takes a strong woman who chooses this path.How times have progressed, a woman has so many options nowadays to become a mother.Adoption, sperm donors,egg donors ,surrogate, IVF, and fertility drugs.Although nothing is one hundred percent at least their are a number of options.I consider my self very lucky to have conceived four children naturally, without any problems occurring  during my pregnancy and drug-free births.I have always had an instinct that I was made to have babies....some people have talents be it in the arts, sciences etc....my talent was to have babies. I have never felt more alive or "in-tune" than when I carried and delivered my four children.

As we finished up our girls night, talk of the next movie and dinner was discussed. Hopefully a better selection of movies will be showing next month...not many at the moment.Personally I'm counting the sleeps till the next Twilight's installment ( Eclipse) shhh...my girlfriends not so much.What are mums watching out there? I'm easy going when it comes to the movies I watch...as long as there isn't too much violence or action. I do tend to lean towards the girly movies but will venture into other genres.

Girls nights out where would we be without them? How do other mummy bloggers spend their girls nights?Open to  ideas to get my group of girlfriends venturing beyond the movies.Ohh how could I forget to pay homage to my understanding, unselfish husband who always supports my "girl time".Thanks bub for giving me my time out! Where would I be without you!! Mwah!!

A national poll found that half of all Australian mothers with children under five are lucky to find 20 minutes a day for themselves.(www.motherinc.com.au/magazine/kids/preschool-kids/16-preschoolers)With these statistics in mind don't underestimate the importance of  "mummy time" be it a monthly girls night out, curling up with a book,soaking in a hot bath,or simply having a quiet cuppa.The best way to look after our families is to look after ourselves.

I am grateful for the girlfriends in my life who know my faults but love me anyway
CindyC xx

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