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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Which type of blogs appeal to me.

Wow can’t believe I’ve been in this blogging world for about three weeks now. I have to say that I really enjoy visiting and reading the great variety of blogs out there. It really seems to be a alternate universe where you are allowed to vent, inspire, laugh, inform and everything in between. There appears to be a great support network within these various communities. It is uplifting to read the words of support women have for each other.

As well as admiring the strength and support in these communities it also got me pondering what types of blogs appeal to me. So as I let my mind wander (always an easy task for me) the following characteristics came to light:

Blogs I like reading include the following:

1.Light,bright inviting design

2.Inspirational words/quotes

3. A true picture of motherhood. i.e the ups and downs

4.Useful, easy to follow information

5.Make me laugh, giggle,chuckle...

6.Open,honest and challenging.

7. Similar life experiences to myself.

I’m sure the more time I spend in blogging world the more refined and succinct my list will become. For the moment I’m just gonna bask in this alternate world where there is understanding, camaraderie, information and lots of laughs. So keep’em coming ladies so many blogs so little time....

I am grateful for the power of technology and the freedom it provides me.

CindyC xx


  1. My list is similar. I like reading blogs with pretty pictures too... I guess that is part of the reason why I have so many pics on my blog... even though it takes longer to load the page.

  2. I'm also fairly new to blogging. There are so many inspirational people out there. I always try to spend a bit of time each day catching up on my list and discovering new blogs....so many blogs, so little time :)