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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini-World Cup

Don't know how many soccer fanatics are out there in blog land...but my children's school is in preparation for their own mini-world cup!! Mr A is representing Denmark, Mr D is representing Germany, Mr L is representing Chile(my husbands homeland) & Miss C is representing Mexico.The school they attend is very multi-cultural, which I love, and so soccer fever is high! Being South African myself I am very interested to see how South Africa hosts this huge sporting event.Although I lived in Australia for 30 years I still wonder about my country of birth. I would love to visit with my family......one day.So it is with great interest that I follow the soccer world cup....GO SOCCER ROOS!!!!!

Anyway back to the kids, in preparation I need to make sure each one of my little darlings wears the assigned colours for the special day. Gee the school requests are never ending., I wonder if mums out there find the same demands at times very taxing. Interviews, morning teas, fundraisers,school musical preparation ..the list goes on and on. I guess its just the life of a mum. Well as I begin to gather my thoughts this afternoon after wading through the school notices, Mr L reminds me of a special open morning his class is having to showcase their Term 2 topic.It just does not stop....oh yeah can't  forget bookweek in a couple of months better start thinking about costumes for the book parade....ahhh I'm drowning.!! How do mums out there cope with the unending list constantly throw at them?? Thank goodness for school holidays, I feel ready these coming holidays after grabbing some great ideas from (http://planningwithkids.com/) bring 'em on!

Ok try again, as I was saying the kids are excited about their mini-world cup so Viva!!!




            As my gang and I gear up for this exciting event I will definitely keep you posted as to the out come of their mini-world cup.What a great way to celebrate world harmony, it allows the children to learn more about other countries and have fun (not involving any PC, DS or PS3 games!)It amazes me to think that a humble sport like soccer generates such enthusiasm, pride and joy. And for a short time the world is united and mesmerized by this competition where class, colour and creed matter little, but pure skill and heart matter most.

 I am grateful for the abundance and safety Australia has provided for my family and I.

CindyC  xx


  1. Hi there - I found you over at Blog This and am your newest follower!

    Your kids' mini World Cup sounds like a lot of fun for them, can't wait to hear more about it!