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Thursday, June 17, 2010


The inspiration for this post comes from my journey into the world of "The Secret". Like many I found this book and its teachings very beneficial.One of contributors to this book was Dr John Demartini, I have been very lucky to attend seminars given by Dr Demartini.One of the main ideas he talked about was living a life of gratitude - having a attitude of gratitude. He inspired me during a very difficult time in my life and his teachings live with me every day. It is for this reason I feel like I need to share this simple but powerful message.

You probably notice that I end each blog post with a statement of gratitude, this is how I start and end each day. Those days when there "seems" there is nothing to be grateful for are golden opportunities to stop, think and find (no matter how little) something to be grateful for. So I hope the following inspired teachings will give you something to think about, they certainly guided me through a very challenging time in my life. I am a little sorry that I discovered these teachings in my thirties....imagine having this inspiration in my twenties...oh well better late than never!

5 tips on how to show gratitude

1. Say ‘thank you’ - There is no limit to how many times you can thank a person, including yourself, and while it may only be two simple words, their meaning is universal and their effects can be profound.

2. Write a special note - sometimes our best thoughts and ideas are those we do not try to edit, so let the message you write come to you in the moment. There is no need for the words to make sense to anyone else but the person it is intended for.

3.Treat yourself - The greatest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves, and it is wise to take the time to show ourselves that we are grateful for who we are and what we choose to be. How you treat yourself all depends on what you like. For some, there would be nothing better than a treatment at their favorite spa, for others, a new computer would do the trick.

4. Smile - a smile can be contagious if it comes from the heart and often tells a person so much more than what words can say. Giving the gift of a smile can be a great way to show you are grateful.

5. Give a gift that counts - the power of a gift when it comes to being a token of gratitude is ultimately the thought that goes into it. Take the time to really look at who the gift is intended for and what they value most in life. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are. If you get a gift that really speaks to their values, it is likely to be remembered forever.

 The universe bestows its gifts where they are most appreciated. If you’re not grateful for what you’ve been given, why would the universe want to give you more?.

I am truly grateful for the challenges life has given me.

Cindyc xx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Which type of blogs appeal to me.

Wow can’t believe I’ve been in this blogging world for about three weeks now. I have to say that I really enjoy visiting and reading the great variety of blogs out there. It really seems to be a alternate universe where you are allowed to vent, inspire, laugh, inform and everything in between. There appears to be a great support network within these various communities. It is uplifting to read the words of support women have for each other.

As well as admiring the strength and support in these communities it also got me pondering what types of blogs appeal to me. So as I let my mind wander (always an easy task for me) the following characteristics came to light:

Blogs I like reading include the following:

1.Light,bright inviting design

2.Inspirational words/quotes

3. A true picture of motherhood. i.e the ups and downs

4.Useful, easy to follow information

5.Make me laugh, giggle,chuckle...

6.Open,honest and challenging.

7. Similar life experiences to myself.

I’m sure the more time I spend in blogging world the more refined and succinct my list will become. For the moment I’m just gonna bask in this alternate world where there is understanding, camaraderie, information and lots of laughs. So keep’em coming ladies so many blogs so little time....

I am grateful for the power of technology and the freedom it provides me.

CindyC xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini-World Cup

Don't know how many soccer fanatics are out there in blog land...but my children's school is in preparation for their own mini-world cup!! Mr A is representing Denmark, Mr D is representing Germany, Mr L is representing Chile(my husbands homeland) & Miss C is representing Mexico.The school they attend is very multi-cultural, which I love, and so soccer fever is high! Being South African myself I am very interested to see how South Africa hosts this huge sporting event.Although I lived in Australia for 30 years I still wonder about my country of birth. I would love to visit with my family......one day.So it is with great interest that I follow the soccer world cup....GO SOCCER ROOS!!!!!

Anyway back to the kids, in preparation I need to make sure each one of my little darlings wears the assigned colours for the special day. Gee the school requests are never ending., I wonder if mums out there find the same demands at times very taxing. Interviews, morning teas, fundraisers,school musical preparation ..the list goes on and on. I guess its just the life of a mum. Well as I begin to gather my thoughts this afternoon after wading through the school notices, Mr L reminds me of a special open morning his class is having to showcase their Term 2 topic.It just does not stop....oh yeah can't  forget bookweek in a couple of months better start thinking about costumes for the book parade....ahhh I'm drowning.!! How do mums out there cope with the unending list constantly throw at them?? Thank goodness for school holidays, I feel ready these coming holidays after grabbing some great ideas from (http://planningwithkids.com/) bring 'em on!

Ok try again, as I was saying the kids are excited about their mini-world cup so Viva!!!




            As my gang and I gear up for this exciting event I will definitely keep you posted as to the out come of their mini-world cup.What a great way to celebrate world harmony, it allows the children to learn more about other countries and have fun (not involving any PC, DS or PS3 games!)It amazes me to think that a humble sport like soccer generates such enthusiasm, pride and joy. And for a short time the world is united and mesmerized by this competition where class, colour and creed matter little, but pure skill and heart matter most.

 I am grateful for the abundance and safety Australia has provided for my family and I.

CindyC  xx

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Safety in the Home.

As we enter the dreaded Melbourne winter our heating appliances become our best friends. With this in mind and the death of two young boys in Victoria due to accidental monoxide poisoning, I decided to post some helpful hints on keeping the home safe in the hope that these two deaths weren't in vain.
  Please read for your families well being:

To play it safe around your home, just remember these top ten rules for using natural gas the right way.
 1. DO remember that a natural gas leak smells like rotten eggs.
If a really bad smell happens all of a sudden, get out of the house right away and find a grown-up.
2. DO ask your mom or dad to install a carbon monoxide detector.
It works like a smoke detector to keep your family safe.
3. DON'T hang on pipes in the basement or jump on the meter outside.
The pipes might come loose, letting the gas escape. And remind grown-ups to keep the outside meter clear in case of an emergency.
4. DO help the grown-ups in your house keep little kids away from gas appliances.
You can help them put safety covers on the knobs.
5. DO be very careful using a gas stove.
Roll up your sleeves, keep towels and hot pads away from the flame, and make sure a grown-up is around to help.
6. DO remind grown-ups to call before they dig.
If you’re helping someone dig a hole, it’s very important to have underground utility lines marked before you start.
7. DON'T ever try to use a gas appliance to keep warm.
Using a gas appliance the wrong way can cause deadly carbon monoxide. If the power goes out, bundle up in layers of clothes instead.
8. DON’T pile up boxes, paints or anything else around a gas appliance.
Boxes, paint and other chemicals are a fire hazard, and appliances need oxygen to run properly, just like people need air to breathe.
9. DO remind grown-ups to have appliances inspected every year.
This is the best way to keep your family safe.
10. DON’T play around or try to move a gas appliance.
The piping or connector that feeds gas to the appliance might get damaged or come loose.

Again my heart goes out to the families of the two little boys who died earlier last week. May we be more vigilant and aware during the winter season.

A quote posted by the boys mum:
"And know that you are with the angels right now, causing mischief like you always do."
I am grateful for the information available for my family and I.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls night out!
Whooo!! had my monthly girls night out last night.These days my girls night out usually consists of dinner and a movie. Gone are the days of late dinner and  a meet up at the latest club to dance the night away..ahh when did those days end?? Now its out by 7pm and home in bed by 11pm .

Although I thoroughly enjoy meeting up and having a good chat with the girls, at this stage in my life I find the "chat" at times seems repetitive.You see I  married young and had my four children by the age of 30. Most of my girlfriends however got married later and had their children later.So as I finished the stage of late nights, nappies and toddlers they are all just beginning.

My four are all in primary school so my concerns revolve around homework and extra curricula activities.As much as I love hearing about their children and issues it does become a little boring, and I find myself yearning for more stimulating adult conversation.I wonder if other mums encounter this problem...and if they do, how do they approach the situation.Would love to hear any feedback on this issue.

Enough of my complaining. Back to my night out, on a lighter note-we saw the movie 'The Back-Up Plan' (Jennifer Lopez).Basically it is about a 30 something woman who decides she wants a baby and uses a sperm donor to do so.Very soon after falling pregnant she meets a man and falls in love with him.The movie follows their journey as they navigate their way through this unique situation.Of course it had the typical cheesy Hollywood ending, just what you need on a Friday night with girls!.
I enjoyed the movie, light , funny a hysterical trip through love, relationships & motherhood. It got me thinking...would I have gone down the path of sperm donor? I think it takes a strong woman who chooses this path.How times have progressed, a woman has so many options nowadays to become a mother.Adoption, sperm donors,egg donors ,surrogate, IVF, and fertility drugs.Although nothing is one hundred percent at least their are a number of options.I consider my self very lucky to have conceived four children naturally, without any problems occurring  during my pregnancy and drug-free births.I have always had an instinct that I was made to have babies....some people have talents be it in the arts, sciences etc....my talent was to have babies. I have never felt more alive or "in-tune" than when I carried and delivered my four children.

As we finished up our girls night, talk of the next movie and dinner was discussed. Hopefully a better selection of movies will be showing next month...not many at the moment.Personally I'm counting the sleeps till the next Twilight's installment ( Eclipse) shhh...my girlfriends not so much.What are mums watching out there? I'm easy going when it comes to the movies I watch...as long as there isn't too much violence or action. I do tend to lean towards the girly movies but will venture into other genres.

Girls nights out where would we be without them? How do other mummy bloggers spend their girls nights?Open to  ideas to get my group of girlfriends venturing beyond the movies.Ohh how could I forget to pay homage to my understanding, unselfish husband who always supports my "girl time".Thanks bub for giving me my time out! Where would I be without you!! Mwah!!

A national poll found that half of all Australian mothers with children under five are lucky to find 20 minutes a day for themselves.(www.motherinc.com.au/magazine/kids/preschool-kids/16-preschoolers)With these statistics in mind don't underestimate the importance of  "mummy time" be it a monthly girls night out, curling up with a book,soaking in a hot bath,or simply having a quiet cuppa.The best way to look after our families is to look after ourselves.

I am grateful for the girlfriends in my life who know my faults but love me anyway
CindyC xx

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The roller coaster continues. Driving to work today I listened to the heartbreaking story of a mum and her two boys who were found dead during the week.I have to guiltily say that prior to all the circumstances being discovered I initially thought oh no not another murder suicide. The radio announcer went on to report that in fact it was not murder but suspected monoxide poisoning due to a faulty appliance. It got me thinking why did I automatically think murder/suicide? It just seems this day in age we are bombarded with news of mothers and fathers who are desperate and resort to dire actions.In the above case my heart goes out to the remaining family because whatever the circumstances the mother and her two boys are dead.Will follow the story and maybe there will be valuable information and lessons we can take from the tragedy.
Thinking about the two precious boys in the above story made me all the more grateful to mark the occasion of my baby girl turning 6 yesterday.How precious is the time we are given with our beautiful children.Miss C felt very special yesterday.When I asked her how does it feel to be 6yrs old she simply replied "the same as 5yrs old."Oh don't I wish it stayed that way.It's so funny as they grow and get older the birthday gifts also change.Miss C absolutely loved Dora the Explorer a couple of years ago, this year it was all about clothes,boots and "learning books".I suppose I have to brace myself when the gifts size gets smaller but the cost increases. Still find it hard to believe my baby girl is 6! She is my light...love you my precious,gorgeous
 girl!!! Mwah x

           Here is my baby girl the story so far..   


The day my baby girl came home a light entered my life.

 Still in awe of finally having a girl.

I blinked and my princess turned 1 !!! 

How I'd waited for moments like these...

Never one to shy away from the camera.

Beach baby, beach baby...Happy Australia Day!!

 Hello school...bye bye Mum!!

Happy 6th Birthday my precious girl!!
And so the story continues...stay tuned.

I am grateful for being able to tuck all my children in bed safe and sound.